General Information

Ukrainian Fraternal Society of Canada

Nature of Business

The Society provides life insurance policies to Canadian individuals of Ukrainian decent and provides financial support to Ukrainian community projects and institutions.

The Society has the authority:

  • To organize, establish and operate local branches of the Society
  • To propagate and develop among the members of the Society a spirit of mutual cooperation, assistance, and friendship
  • To cultivate among the members of the Society fond recollections of Ukraine, and to promote their instruction and education in its history, literature, music, arts, traditions, customs, and amusements
  • To promote instruction and education of Ukrainian Canadians in the history, constitution, and government of Canada
  • To morally and materially assist Ukrainian people in matters deemed by the Society to be worthy
  • To establish insurance benefit funds
  • To secure for its members such other advantages and to establish, maintain and administer such other fund or funds as may be provided by the by-laws of the Society and as may be necessary to the attainment of the foregoing objects, and generally to act as a fraternal and benevolent society
Governing Structure

Insured Society members in good standing have the right to vote in elections at their local branches, through delegation at national conventions of the Society, and in other corporate matters.

The Society’s Board of Directors is responsible for the governance and administration of the UFSC.  Board directors are elected to office by member delegates at a Convention that is held every four years.  The Board is comprised of its respective executive officers, provincial directors and two directors-at-large.

Day-to-day business affairs are the responsibility of the Manager (COO) and such other employees as may on staff.

The Board meets monthly to review the Society’s operation and its financial position. The manager reports to the Board and is responsible for the day-to-day operations.

The organizational structure of the Society is: Members – Board of Directors – Past-President – Manager (COO) – Employees.

Within the Board of Directors, the organizational structure is: President – Vice-President – Treasurer – Secretary – Provincial Directors – Directors.


In 1921 a well-known member of the Ukrainian community in Winnipeg MB passed away suddenly. It was found that his next of kin were unable to meet funeral expenses but friends of the family came to the rescue. A collection was taken so that a decent burial became possible. However, anxiety among the local Ukrainian-Canadian community lingered. Suppose a similar situation arose! Surely there must be some other way in which a family in distress may be given assistance without recourse to charity.

Thus an idea was born. It called for the establishment of The Ukrainian Relief Association in the early part of November 1921. Apart from an idea of fostering ties of kinship among its members the Association, in return for small monthly dues, issued Certificates of Insurance that provided for the payment of $ 400.00 to the Beneficiary of the deceased member. Consequently the seeds of mutual aid were sown and were soon to sprout far beyond the city limits of Winnipeg.

At the February 1943 Convention in Winnipeg the Association adopted a new Charter and By-Laws in accordance with the requirements of the Dominion of Canada Insurance Act. The Association was renamed the UKRAINIAN FRATERNAL SOCIETY OF CANADA, and was put on a sound actuarial basis. Since its inception under the Dominion of Canada Insurance Act legislation the Society has enjoyed steady progress. This progress is reflected in good growth of membership, the steady rise of assets, and in the extension of benefits to the members.

At the present time the Ukrainian Fraternal Society of Canada offers its members 8 Insurance Plans and 3 Endowment Plans for adults, and 2 Life Insurance Plans and 3 Endowment Plans for children. The Society offers two additional benefits, called riders, which can be purchased by the Insured at the time of Application for a Plan. In all matters relating to the activities, business, and affairs of the UKRAINIAN FRATERNAL SOCIETY OF CANADA are managed by the Board of Directors. Member delegates elect the Directors to office at a Convention that is held every four years.

Board of Directors 2014 – 2018


The President is responsible for the leadership of the Society. He/She signs official documents on behalf of the Society and presides at the meetings as the Chair of the Board of Directors.

Michael Lasko of Winnipeg MB is the current President.


The Vice-President assumes all duties, powers, and responsibilities of the President, in the event that the President is unable to fulfill his/her duties. He/She serves as the Society’s Compliance Officer to ensure compliance with all government regulations and the Society’s Policies and Procedures and as the Chair of the Donation Committee.

Nicholas Chubenko of Winnipeg MB is the current Vice-President.


The Treasurer reviews and verifies all the finances of the Society on a monthly basis and signs official documents on behalf of the Society. The Treasurer also sits on the Donation Committee.

Myron Tarasiuk of Winnipeg MB is the current Treasurer.


The Secretary signs official documents on behalf of the Society and sits on the Donation Committee.

Boris Salamon of Winnipeg MB is the current Secretary.

Provincial Directors

The Provincial Directors represent the interests of the members of their respective province promote the Society within their regions, and report on the image of the Society to the Board. They assist the local Branch Executives with any matter that is brought to their attention. They also supervise and assist the Branch Executives in keeping the members of their province informed of all relevant Society information. They also form the Scholarship Committee.

The current five (5) Provincial Directors are:

Daniel Huzyk of Vancouver BC
Joanne Melnychuk of Edmonton AB
Orest Warnyca of Regina SK
Patricia Bugera Krawchuk of Winnipeg MB (is also the Audit Committee Chair and Scholarship Committee Chair)
Edward Pancoe of Brantford ON


Currently there are two (2) Directors-at-large who serve on the Audit Committee:

Mykola Kowalchuk of Winnipeg MB
Linda Lazarowich of Winnipeg MB

2014-2018 UFSC Board of Directors: Standing L to R: Mykola Kowalchuk (Audit Comm.), Linda Lazarowich (Audit Comm.), Orest Warnyca (SK Prov Director),Joanne Melnychuk (AB Prov Director), Myron Tarasiuk (Treasurer), Patricia Bugera Krawchuk (MB Prov Director), Daniel Huzyk (BC Prov Director) Sitting L to R: John Petryshyn, Nicholas Chubenko (Vice President),Dr. Michael Lasko (President); Boris Salamon (Secretary), Edward Pancoe (ON Prov Director)

Standing Committees


Reviews the annual financial statements; reviews the regulatory returns of the Society; directs the manager to implement and maintain appropriate internal control procedures; meets with the Appointed Auditors and Actuary; and all other duties and responsibilities incidental to the office.


Is responsible to administer the Society’s Scholarship Program. The Provincial Directors serve on this committee.


Considers requests made of the Society by Ukrainian-Canadian organizations.

Member Forms

Please contact us for the following forms:

  • Change of Address
  • Change of Beneficiary
  • Change of Name
  • Lost Policy Declaration
  • Request to Redeem Matured Endowment
  • Request to Withdraw Dividends
  • Request for Cash Surrender
  • Transfer of Ownership